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>> they did nothing to deserve this. >> what transformed this high school honor student, into a cold-blooded killer? and brand-new details from the hero teachers who saved so many young lives with their quick thinking. >> we were completely barricaded in. >> i thought we were all going to die. and such a sad morning here in newtown, connecticut. i'm joined by elizabeth vargas in new york. elizabeth, right behind me, the sandy hook firehouse, where so many moms and dads came to learn about their children. many slept here through the night. and this headline right here, from "the hartford courant" captures what so many are feeling here today. our hearts are broken. all our hearts are broken, over 20 little children, and more adults, dead after the worst shooting ever at a grade school. here's what we know right now. the shooter, adam lanza, 20 years old. he also shot his mother before
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coming to the school. some bodies of the children slain are still in the school. others have been removed. and families were notified overnight into the morning. the names of the victims will be released this morning. we're going to show you pictures of the vigil last night. you see the video right there. the churches packed in this small town. people praying and crying over this horrendous loss, a scene of so much grief. my "gma weekend" colleague, dan harris, is right here. you've been here since the beginning yesterday. >> you and i have covered way too many of these disasters. sorry, just when you think the shootings couldn't get worse, just when you think they couldn't get more shocking, along comes adam lanza, who started his day with shooting his mother. and finished by storming that school, where of all the people he shot, only one survived. 9:40 a.m. reports of gunfire at sandy hook elementary. >> sandy hook school. caller is indicating that she
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thinks there's someone shooting in the building. >> reporter: police say 20-year-old adam lanza, seen here as a teenager, wore a bulletproof vest and was carrying three semiautomatic weapons including a rifle. >> everybody was a little scared, crying. and i felt a little sick. >> reporter: within five to ten minutes, the first s.w.a.t. teams arrive. >> i need units in the school. i got bodies here. >> reporter: officers helped teachers lead several hundred students to a nearby firestation. >> when the policemen came in to get us, he told us to close our eyes. and like on the picture on the news, do this. >> reporter: at 10:30 a.m., president obama was briefed on the situation, while police discovered a second crime scene. the shooter's mother, nancy lanza, who authorities believe may have volunteered at sandy hook at one point, was shot dead. police say adam lanza shot her
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before he stormed the school. around noon, abc news learned that lanza had killed 27 people, most of them children, before turning the gun on himself. shortly after 3:00, the president addressed the nation. >> i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful, little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> reporter: by 7:00 p.m., this little town had settled into an all-too familiar post-massacre routine, with prayer vigils. >> my god bless our children who are with us today and those who were taken away. may god bless the adults who lost their lives today. >> right now, we are standing by for a police press conference. and when that happens, we will take it live. overnight, police engaged in the horrifying work of identifying the young victims and notifying their families. as they continue to chase that big question, what was his
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motive? why did he do this? if past is prologue, george, we may find out why he launched this massacre. but the answer will be deeply unsatisfying. >> no question about that. but a lot of investigation. dan, thanks very much. elizabeth? >> all right. picking up with those investigations, george. new details are emerging this morning about 20-year-old adam lanza, who has been identified as the gunman. authorities are now interviewing his family and his friends in three different states, trying to piece together what may have pushed him over the edge. abc's brian ross joins me in the studio with the latest on that part of the story. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. he was armed to the teeth with high-powered weapons, that authorities say were legally obtained by someone in his family. and in an hour, adam lanza went from obscurity to infamy. authorities overnight were questioning family members of the 20-year-old killer. a man believed to be adam's older brother, ryan, left a new jersey police station, as
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authorities sought to figure out what turned the youngest member of the lanza family into a madman. >> we'll go backwards as far as we have to go in this investigation. and hopefully we'll stumble on answers. >> reporter: federal agents say they recovered two high-powered pistols from the scene, and a semiautomatic rifle, called a bush master, similar to this one. both adams mother and father were licensed to own such weapons, according to federal agents. >> these crimes involve planning and thoughtfulness and strategizing, in order to put the plan together. so, what may appear to be snap behavior, is not that at all. >> reporter: even before the shooting, adam lanza, seen here in a photo taken seven years ago, was known in the neighborhood as a troubled child, with an overbearing mother. >> my son played with him when they were young. and in her home, i know she was very particular. i just think she maybe had too high of standards or something. >> reporter: adam's first victim was his mother, nancy, killed at
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the family home, according to police. only then did he head across town to the elementary school, where authorities said his mother may have once served as a volunteer or a teacher's aide. >> the children didn't harm him. but they were associated with his mother. and his mother, i believe, may be real focus of all of this. >> reporter: authorities say shell casings recovered at the scene indicated he used a very powerful weapon and ammunition 223, it's called, favored among deer hunters because it does maximum internal damage. >> and also, the bush master, the rifle we're told he was found with, a weapon commonly used by soldiers in afghanistan and iraq. that gives you some indication of the firepower he had. brian, thank you so much. we'll hear more on the investigation that goes forward. george, earlier, with state police on how the families are being notified. george? >> thanks, elizabeth. i'm here with lieutenant paul vance of the state police here in connecticut. keeping people informed all through the day yesterday.
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we learned overnight that you were able to notify all of the families. >> our detectives made it a priority to, in fact, identify all of the deceased victims, the children, and the adults, within the facility. >> and what more have you been able to learn about adam lanza? why and how he did this? >> this is something that's going to take a significant amount of time. from the onset, we had teams, looking into the background, peeling the onion back, so to speak. we have many, many questions we need to ask and we need to explore. >> three guns found on-site? >> we haven't discussed that as of yet. in excess of three guns. >> more than three guns. we know also that the guns match guns that his mother may have had. have you been able to put that together yet? >> i don't have that information specifically. >> do you know if they were obtained legally. >> that is something we would also explore in the investigation. >> how about how adam lanza actually got into the school.
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there were some reports that the principal may have buzzed him in. >> i think that's significantly premature. we do have a pretty good idea how entrance was obtained. we have an adult witness that was wounded that survived, who will be invaluable to us. >> why this school? >> we do have some background information, that there was a connection to the school. the specific connection, i'd rather not divulge and rather not get into right now. there's a lot of discussion out there. >> his mom may have been a teacher there at some point? >> for our purposes, it's better we explore that confidently for a little while longer. >> i know you've spoken both to his brother and his father overnight. what were you able to learn from them? >> we've been working with law enforcement agencies from other states, who are working with us on this case, to assist us. and they have extracted and obtained information that was beneficial to our investigation. >> any indication that he had
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threatened to kill before? >> there is no indication that surfaced immediately. there's none whatsoever. >> are you confident, now, that he acted absolutely alone? >> yeah. >> lieutenant vance, thank you for your time this morning. as we just heard, the names of the victims will be released later this morning, including all those children. praying for them last night, hundreds of people packed into churches in this community. abc's amy robach has more on those victims. good morning, amy. >> george, it's impossible to imagine the horrific reality that so many families are waking up to this morning. that what happened here less than 24 hours ago, actually happened. and this morning, we are learning more about the teachers and the children inside that school who lost their lives. distraught family and friends came together to mourn, to cry and to remember the 27 lives lost here in newtown,
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connecticut. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: overnight, we learned the names of those we lost, among them, 47-year-old dawn hochsprung. an award-winning principal. and 27-year-old vicki soto, a first grade teacher, whose first instinct was to protect her students, throwing herself in the line of fire. 20 of 27 victims were students at sandy hook elementary. 20 children. and now, 20 families mourn precious lives lost too soon. >> this scaring event, will be with us and them for years and years to come. >> reporter: and across the country, america mourns. as parents try to explain how a nightmare became a reality. almost impossible to explain. experts say that your children don't have to have been here at the scene to be traumatized. just hearing and listening to what happened here in connecticut is traumatic in and of itself. if you have little ones, shield them from this coverage.
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and your older ones, you want to talk to them and let them express themselves. george? >> amy, thanks. i'm here, now, with james wiltsie, the cousin of another victim and a hero, vicki soto, a teacher at the school. i'm so sorry for your loss. your cousin, from what we know, did everything she could to save the lives of some kids. >> yes. from what we've been told, my cousin, vicki, and her first grade classroom, took her students and huddled them into a closet. and then, shielded the children in the closet, trying to protect them from bullets. >> put herself between the gunman and the kids. >> yes. she's definitely a hero. her life dream was to be a teacher. and her instincts kicked in. and protected her children from the harm that was coming. i'm sure she heard what was going on. and went into lockdown mode.
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took her kids, put them in the closet. and by doing so, she lost her life protecting those little ones. >> what else have you been able to learn from the police or others on the scene? >> just that she was a hero. the way that she was found, huddled over her children. her students protecting them. you know, doing instinctively what she knew would be the right thing to do. good morning. we have breaking news. we're going to pause for an abc news special report. for those of you joining in, we have a shooting at the newtown, connecticut, the sandy hook elementary school, in which 27
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people were killed, 20 of them children. we're about to have a news conference outside the firehouse where all this has been taking place. speaking to reporters, we'll have lieutenant paul vance of the state police, as well as george sinco, from the newtown council. adam lanza and the shooter's mother, who appears to have been the motive for sparking this deadly rampage. once they go to the bank of microphones, we'll take them. this has been devastating news to process. a small community inside connecticut. this elementary school had just started school. it was shortly after 9:30 in the morning, when the gunman entered the school. a lot of questions how adam lanza gained entry, whether someone buzzed in to let him in. he came in, we're told, with at least three weapons. used those weapons to open fire
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on two different classrooms in which teachers and childrens were killed. let's listen in. >> want to bring you up to date with the progress that we've made in this investigation. with me is the chief of police of newtown. as you know, the victims have been positively identified by the office of the chief state's medical examiner. they're still in the process of doing some of their work. as soon as that work is completed, we will be prepared to release, in writing, to you, a formal list of names, birthdays and information. there's one, a couple major factors, number one. when we release that list, and we would ask you again, as we did yesterday, at the request of all the family members, they have asked for you to please
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respect their privacy. they are going through, as i know you understand, a very difficult and trying time we have, in fact, the officers of the chief and the colonel, reassign, we continue to assign a trooper to these folks to help to maintain that solitude. so, again, i would ask you, and i'm pleading with you, as you know this is extremely heartbreaking, difficult thing for these folks to endure, to please abide by their request. in addition, for the townspeople, in the town of newtown, a crisis intervention team, from yale new haven hospital has been established here in the community. and they can be reached by telephone. the telephone number is 203-270-4283. they're open and they're available to anyone in the
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community who may have the need to discuss, to talk, to talk about this incident in its entirety. i have the ability to take some questions. i just simply want you to understand that we still have major crime detectives and newtown detectives working at the scene in the school. that is not completed. that probably will not be completed for at least another day and a half to two days. and i'm putting a time limit on it. it could take longer. as i explained to you in previous press conferences we've done, everything we need to do to literally peel back the onion, layer by layer, and examine every crack and crevasse of that facility. and that does not include or exclude the outside of the building. the outside of the building is also part of the crime scene. every vehicle in that lot. it's going to be a long, painstaking process. we have three teams, now.
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three, major crime teams in the community. our local partners are working with us. we're going to expedite that along as quickly as possible. we had a meeting this morning. that was with superintendent of schools. she will be, hopefully, in the not too distant future up here to talk briefly about some of the issues that she has encountered. the minute the medical examiner is done, and i mean that sincerely, the minute he is done, he is coming here. and we will, again, provide all the detailed information or as much detailed information as we can, relative to the work that his office did, both overnight and continued to do as we speak. as far as actual, specific questions, i have to tell you, there's certain things we're holding close to our chest in this investigation. so nothing is taken out of
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context. >> there are reports that there were other guns found in the school. >> that's not accurate. the weaponry that -- wasn't recovered by our investigators, recovered in close proximity of the deceased. we're investigating the history of each and every weapon. we will know every, single thing about those weapons. i don't follow questions about who are the owners and so forth. that's all being done by the investigators assigned to that task. we are, again, we're going to allow the medical examiner. going to wait for the medical examiner to provide the identities of the shooter, of all the deceased in this investigation. >> there were any writings, any e-mails, any messages, that would give light to a motive? >> that's a fair, good question. the answer i can give you on
7:19 am
that is, our investigators at the crime scene, the school, and secondarily at the secondary crime scene where the female is deceased, did produce some very good evidence in this investigation, that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting a complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. we're not going to name the evidence. we're not going to talk about the evidence. it's simply stated as part and parcel of the investigation. i don't want to take it out of context of what's being done. we have established a point of entry. i can tell you it was believed he was not voluntarily let into the school at all. that he forced his way into the school. but that's as far as we can go on that. are there what? yeah. quite frankly, that's something, again, if you take it out of
7:20 am
context, it sounds suspicious. but as the rescue crews arrive, the active shooting teams entered the school, they entered the school from several different points and it necessitated forcing their way to gain access and rescue as many students and faculty as they could. hence, law enforcement broke many windows. what's that? the other crime scene? yeah, the secondary crime scene, as i told you, was a crime scene, discovered pursuant to the investigation. once we had a positive identi identification on the suspect, we did a great deal of work, including and not limited to, relatives, friends, co-workers, former students, location of residence. and all those areas had to be -- people had to be interviewed. and all those areas had to be examined. hence, that caused us to
7:21 am
discover the secondary crime scene, which was a sole residence with the deceased. the detectives will certainly analyze everything and put a complete picture together of the evidence that they did obtain. and we're hopeful, we're hopeful that it will paint a complete picture of how this entire incident, unfortunate incident, occurred. i'm sorry? she is doing fine. she has been treated. and she'll be instrument in this investigation. i'm sure you can understand. that, i don't know. that, i don't know. forced his way into the school. that would be accurate according to investigators. yes. i don't want to be too specific
7:22 am
because, quite frankly, i don't know. i would simply -- i've been informed that it was forcibly entered and was not allowed to enter, if you will. what i'd like to do is i'd like to get the next portion, if you will, of today. i don't want to keep you here all day. i want to do this as expeditiously as i can. we want to get the superintendent, wants to come up with the town leaders, to discuss certain areas of her responsibility. and then, we certainly want to get the medical examiner up here. again, we'll do that as quickly as we possibly can to get the list of the i.d.s and all of the information out to you. for any of you that are new here today, the lieutenant and i put together a written press release. we'll provide those to you at my vehicle. please, don't rush my vehicle. we should have enough for everyone. if not, we'll bring more the next time we come out. and it lays out the basic details of everything, leading up until today. all right?
7:23 am
we will try -- i don't want to give you a time. we'll try to be back here, i'll say within the hour. i'll make notification to some of you that i can that we're on the way. >> did the mother have any connections to the school? >> you have to understand that after the shooting, we did a complete and thorough search of the area, the entire neighborhood, with our local partners. everything was examined. if we found anyone that was in the woods, cutting wood, that would be detained, pending the investigation. there were no other arrests that were associated with this investigation that occurred. >> what about the mindset of -- >> i would have you address that with the superintendent of schools. okay? she can give you that answer. we will be back. i need to get -- if i don't get here, we're going to be here quite some time. i know you have a lot of questions. and i think the people that are coming here, that we're bringing here to speak to you, can answer
7:24 am
these questions and take a lot of the mystery out of what we've been dealing with for the last 24 hours. okay? we will be back. >> and lieutenant paul vance from connecticut state police, wrapping up his press conference. some news emerging there. first of all, they have positively identified all of the victims. remember, 20 of them, young children, although they're releasing the list of those names, which i'm sure looks like a kindergartner or first grade class list, with the names and ages of birth. pleading with the media to give those families privacy. those families grieving an unimaginable loss at this point. a hotline number to anybody needing therapy, counseling over the phone. also, this is key. all of the weapons were apparently found inside the school near the body of the shooter. at least three weapons. there's been good evidence for a motive for the shooting that was found at the victim's home that he apparently shared with his
7:25 am
mother, where he has apparently, before going to the school and opening fire on all those children, killed his mother by firing on her at point-blank range. also, evidence that he forced his way into the elementary school after speculation that, perhaps, he had been buzzed in. and that finally, the sole survivor in the shooting, one person survived, that shooting. will be crucial to the investigation going forward. she is doing fine. obviously, will have valuable evidence for police going forward. i'm elizabeth vargas in new york. we'll have all the latest, continuing throughout the day, right here on abc news. and stay tuned for the latest on this tragedy to "world news" with david muir.
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it should never have happened to our children. they were very little. >> such a sad saturday morning here in newtown, connecticut. you see the pain there. you see the grief. mothers and fathers mourning their children this morning. 20 children dead. the worst shooting ever at a grade school here in the united states. the gunman, adam lanza, was 20 years old. he shot his mother before coming to the school to shoot so many
7:30 am
children, adults, as well. as i said, the deadliest grade school shooting ever in our history. and, elizabeth, so many people here having such a hard time coming to grips with this pain. >> it's unimaginable, george. i think every parent when they heard this story break, just was in shock. i felt, i know, physically sick to my stomach. a lot of other people felt the same way. and coming up in this half hour, we're going to weigh in with experts on how to talk to our kids about this tragedy, about the shootings. they will, of course, hear about that. it varies with the age. it varies with the child. but the experts have great advice. it's all important that we make our kids feel safe, even as they learn about this horrific massacre, in newtown, where you're standing, george. >> that's right. it's so hard to figure out how to give them what they need to know. i'm here with dan harris, who has been here from the very beginning. we're going to learn all of the identities of the victims this morning. >> we're expecting that this
7:31 am
morning in a press conference coming up. here's what we know at this point. we're seeing a massive investigation unfold. at the heart of this police investigation right now is this question. why? what was the motive of the suspect, 20-year-old adam lanza? we know his rampage began with the murder of his mother here in newtown. he then stormed the sandy hook elementary school where he killed 20 children, many of them first graders and six adults. police say his mom had some sort of connection to the school. but it's unclear what. she may have worked there at some point. police tell us they've been interviewing people who know lanza, in three state, including his father and older brother. we know he used at least three weapons. three of them semiautomatic. one of them a rifle. overnight, police identified the bodies and went through the horrifying task of notifying the parents. this morning, they'll be releasing publicly the names of the dead as this town grieves and the entire country grieves with the people of newtown. george? >> the families, only learned
7:32 am
early this morning, for sure, what happened. we go to abc's jim avila now. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're standing in front of, next to the home, where apparently this killing spree began. a troubled son, killing his mother. a woman that relatives say, was a mom who would have done anything to help her son if she knew he needed help. as newtown, connecticut, is still trying to make sense of this inexplicable shooting, new details are emerging on the lanza family. >> i remember them to be shy, quiet, well-behaved kids. >> reporter: 24-year-old ryan lanza, brother of suspected gunman, adam, was taken into custody and questioned by authorities. but police say he is not suspected of being involved in the shooting. ryan is a graduate of quinnipiac university and worked at ernst & young in manhattan. investigators are looking at whether the 20-year-old shooter was carrying ryan's i.d. at the cause of the shooting, causing
7:33 am
the initial misidentification. authorities told abc news, their mother, nancy lanza, was found fatally shot in her connecticut home. >> she raised very nice boys, to me. that's why i think it's a shock to even know them and realize who they are. and what he did. >> reporter: state records indicate she was divorced from her husband in 2009. both nancy and her ex-husband, peter lanza, were required to complete a parenting education program, necessary for divorced couples with children under 18. >> i think the fact that the parents were divorced must have contributed to it. >> reporter: the shooter's father, peter lanza, is a vice president at g.e. capital, and had been a partner at ernst & young, where his son, ryan, works now. he is now remarried and was questioned by authorities. but is not under any suspicion. the mother who lived here on this street, was -- had some connection to the school, we're told. but the superintendent said, this morning, that she was not officially employed there. she may have volunteered in some way. as for the father, they're
7:34 am
divorced. he doesn't live here. he lives in stanford. and he apparently found out about the killing from a reporter who was in his driveway when he came home and informed him. elizabeth? >> all right, jim. thank you so much. the question goes to what would make a person do something like this? something so terrific to children so little. let's bring in psychiatrist dr. janet taylor to talk about the mind of the shooter. clearly, everybody understands this young man was mentally ill. but to pick children, young, young children, as his victims. i mean, that is about the worst thing you could do. what does that tell you about his motivation? about his stability or instability, obviously? >> certainly, there is an evil just heinous quality to it. and the fact is, it's impossible to predict who will be violent. but risk factors are, individuals who have been exposed to physical abuse, sexual abuse. if there's an underlying psychological impairment, which certainly he was described as odd and possibly in the autism
7:35 am
spectrum. if they have access to guns and weapons. and certainly, individuals who may have revenge in their mind. but again, who wants to hurt innocent children? >> obviously, there's a lot of people in this country that are autistic or have asperger's syndrome and never commit any violent act. a lot of people who, frankly, are mentally ill. a quarter of the population, by some estimates, are mentally ill and never commit a violent act. this young man, according to police, is shooting his mother at his home, and getting in the car with his weapons, driving to an elementary school, walking in and shooting kindergartners and first graders. >> i think the premeditative quality of it certainly indicates a fact that you can be mentally ill. you can be psychotic and know right from among. and this case, i think he deliberately knew what he was doing. certainly, his underlying mental illness, presumably that he had, was not an excuse in any way for a what he did. >> obviously, the fact that the
7:36 am
target was young children. does that give you any indication of perhaps he was trying to hurt something that meant something to his mother? >> i mean, presumably that would be the link. unfortunately, we will not know. but you have to think that the fact he killed his mother and then went and killed innocent children, maybe there's a link between his mother and the kids. or maybe he just felt like he was doing something so horrific that he would always be remembered. we won't know. at the end of the day, we have to pray for the families and understand that at some point, we will understand the motive. but it still will never be enough to bring the poor kids and adults who died back. >> the focus is on the families and the victims. dr. taylor, thank you so much. let's check in for the weather and ginger zee this morning. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, elizabeth. and good morning, everyone. there were three reported tornadoes in north texas and wind damage, too. those storms are going to eventually move east. but it's not going to be as strong today. so, if you're in this area from memphis, to jackson, new orleans, included there, you may have some gusty winds, small hail. but it's not going to be as powerful as yesterday. real quickly, cascade mountain
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snow. 8 to 14 inches up there in parts of the pacific northwest with that storm. >> thank you, ginger. when we come back, how to talk to our children about this tragedy. mond. for over 90 years... we have continued to perfect this diamond. [ female announcer ] now kay jewelers brings you tolkowsky ideal cut diamonds -- from the family that invented the ideal cut. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. from our family... to the beginning of yours. yes! yes!
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7:42 am
going to need special care to make sure this event doesn't define them for the rest of their lives. unlike other young children, their parents are going to need to talk to them clearly about what happened here. explain it. express their feelings. you want to make sure the children don't become tragedy celebrities. that this is all they're known for. as soon as you get them in normal routines, to picking up something fun to do. letting them know it's still okay to have fun, that's important. but professional grief counselors are going to be a big part of what these children experienced. >> how about children more generally? i have a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old. my 7-year-old didn't know about it. didn't want to know about it. my 10-year-old had questions. how do you talk to them? >> it's great if you can shield your 7-year-old. for 10-year-olds, you want to know what they're feeling. you want to be able to listen to them. they need to see that you're sad but under control. it's okay to be angry and sad. but you're in control of those feels. and your 10-year-old is going to
7:43 am
want to know from you that they're safe. that you're keeping them safe. that their world is going on. that their routines are going on. and the bad person has been caught and life goes on. >> rich, thanks very much. let's go back to elizabeth with dr. jen ashton. >> that's right, george. and dr. ashton, i was wondering about the fact that my kids don't yet know about this. a lot of kids don't. we're keeping the tv off. at some point, the school psychologist said don't bring it up if they don't ask about it. is that the right thing to do? >> i think the chances of them not hearing about it in some fashion are slim to none. i got a notice from my children's school, as well, about steps they plan to take at the school on monday. it's important for parents to remember that how they deal with their children, has to be based on age. the conversation you have with a 5-year-old is very different than a conversation you have with a 15-year-old. i think it's also important to remember that there may be a spectrum of reactions from children who were not at the scene. it might be mild. it might be severe. and it might be delayed. it might not appear right away. >> it's important to stay calm while you're talking with your child about this.
7:44 am
and to reassure them, that even though we can't tell them you will absolutely be safe at school, say it anyway. guarantee them. >> that's key. you want to keep those honest communications open. you want to ask them questions. but you also want to listen. and i think it can't be emphasized enough that this is a perfect example where recruiting the assistance of trained mental health professionals is vitally important. kids sometimes can't ask for help. but adults can. >> dr. ashton, thanks for your advice. we're back to george in just a moment. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make
7:45 am
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7:48 am
you see the grief here in newtown, connecticut, today.
7:49 am
after 27 dead in the worst shooting ever at an elementary school. i'm george stephanopoulos, joined here by my "gma weekend" colleague, dan harris. and, dan, you drive up here. it's the definition of bucolic, rural connecticut. we ask this question. how could it happen in a place like this? >> every time we rush in to cover the aftermath of one of these mass shootings, we hear the same thing. people saying, how could it happen to us? and rarely has that question ever rung so true, as here. newtown is a classic, small, sleepy, new england hamlet. home to fewer than 30,000 people, 60 miles north of new york city. founded in 1705, it played a role in the revolutionary war and the underground railroad. this is the place where the game scrabble was invented, where the town's symbol is a rooster. where people move precisely for safety and schools. >> people come to newtown for the schools. the husbands will sacrifice the
7:50 am
commute just to come to newtown because it's a little bit farther than anywhere else. >> reporter: this beautiful, bucolic spot is a strange, surreal backdrop for tactical teams in full body armor, with long guns drawn. >> it doesn't even seem real. really? here in newtown? this small town. you read about this everywhere else but here. and it's heart wrenching for the children. for the parents and grandparents and everybody. >> reporter: it feels like a dream and a bad dream. >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: as reality sinks in here, the feeling that one local described as magical insulation, has been truly shattered. and the realization is dawning that newtown is now in the history books for the worst of all possible reasons. >> they keep saying on the tv, newtown's such a nice town. it doesn't matter. nice town, not a nice town. it could happen anywhere. >> on a personal note, i used to come here as a child.
7:51 am
we had family here. and i remember vividly playing in the quiet cul-de-sacs with the other little kids. this really brings home quite powerfully that it can happen anywhere. >> and a town this small, every, single person touched. >> indeed. >> we'll be right back. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke.
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7:55 am
we will be reporting from newtown, connecticut, all day long here on abc news. stay with us. a shooting overnight has
7:56 am
left a teenage boy in critical condition. he was shot by four men in a passing car around 1:30 this morning. the victim was able to walk to san francisco general hospital. >> in just a few minutes, san francisco will hold the bay area's latest vigil for yesterday's shooting in connecticut. last night parents and students turned out at this candlelight vigil in mill valley. coming up we'll have a live report from the prayer service in golden gate. here is lisa argen with the weather. >> good morning. we have light rain that will be developing today. it will be moderate over parts of the bay. right now, looking at sunshine. you'll see more of it in the south bay, especially in the morning hours. right now, look at live doppler 7-hd. most of the moisture well to the north of us, it's chilly out there, 32 in livermore. fog around 580 and fog in the north bay.
7:57 am
37 in san rafael. here is the system that is a weak one. as it moves through around 11:00 this morning, we'll see rain spreading in the afternoon. spotty showers, here we are sunday morning and few more showers, but most of the rain occurs today. rainfall amounts very light with this system. just trace amounts to the south. second system heads our way monday morning. several days of rain to talk about. we'll have that for you coming up. up. >> "abc 7 news" [ male announce] there's chicken
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clear gives you stronger more beautiful hair. [ heidi ] clear scalp and hair beauty therapy. when i saw the teachers and locked eyes separately, saw the two children, if i could go back i would embrace them. >> the father of sandy hook students talks about finding people alive. parents of the victims are asking for privacy. i'm katie marzullo. connecticut police have given an update into their investigation. this is what we know. some of the victims' boes

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